Hear call of Earth 
she asks for help,
which can pass
only through our hearts
and our love

An Appeal to People of the Earth!

Let us join the Wave of Light and Love throughout the entire planet to purify it by the shining of our hearts!

Starting April 10, 2000 and each 10th number of subsequent months of subsequent years from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. local time, all good will people will join a planetary manifestation to signal the love of their hearts and share it with the rest of the world.

With each month of the New Century this action will be renewed, gathering more and more participants notwithstanding their nationality, religion, and age.


What we have to do.

        Stand facing the rising sun. Smile to it.


        Apologize to everybody and forgive everybody for all having committed purposefully and unintentionally.

        Send our love to God and ask help in the forthcoming work.

The work begins

Open up your heart picturing it as you like, - like a brilliant sun or a blossoming beautiful flower.

        The heart shines with light and love brighter and brighter, illuminating more and more space around us.

We extend the light to our beloved ones, to the apartment we live in, to our house, to all the houses around and to the people that live in them, to the street, the neighbourhood, the city, the country, and, at last, to the whole terrestrial globe and mankind. We envelop the whole planet in our love.

We are plentiful and we can do a lot!

        We, as reasonable, conscious representatives of the mankind, take on to neutralize the negative on the planet.

We light up our hearts brighter and with this light, we purify everything, filling in the lacking energy of love to harmony.

The devastated bowels of the Earth are restored before our very eyes.

The ematiated soil becomes fertile again, producing young gardens and forests. Deserts turn into blossoming oases.

The Earth is transformed.

        The hearts shine brighter and brighter, and we purify the water spaces of the planet.

From the peaks of mountains crystal-clear torrents flow to fill seas and oceans, gradually purifying the entire World Ocean. Water in rivers, lakes, reservoirs becomes drinkable. We ourselves drink this water from our cupped hands and become filled with vital energy.

        The hearts are shining. Now we purify air.

The gray haze formed around the Earth vanishes due to our emanating energies of light and love. We see bright blue sky above, resonant clear air. How easily we breathe, along with the whole mankind, every living soul!

Love overwhelms us, and we grant it to and pour on everybody.

        At the next stage, we purify with the light of our hearts the invisible sections of the Earth, clearing out all the amassed vile engendered by human emotions and thoughts throughout the whole evolution of Mankind.

We picture ourselves as we, our beloved ones, all the people of Earth become brightened and get rid of the darkness of ignorance. We become radiant, light creatures, our planet is filled with Light and Love, it shines like the Sun! We are beautiful and powerful! Our children are healthy and happy!

In our thoughts we fly over the Earth, admire it and the work we have done.

The work is over, and we thank everybody who have helped us, and glorify God.

Hapinness to everybody.

The appeal is spread on the personal initiative of everybody.

Contact address of the Center of Light and Love:

Nikolai Nikitenko
PO Box 205
        Phone:        (0412) 26-27-91


Good Morning!

Good Morning! The Best Day of Your Life Is About to Begin!

(Painting by N. Nikitenko)


The Appeal was endorsed by the participants of V International Congress of Spiritual union of Peoples of Earth From Cult of Violence toward Culture of Love held June 19, 2000 in Moscow.


Light and Love to everybody.

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